Benefits of Joining the NMBA

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  1. 3-IN-1 MEMBERSHIP – When you pay your dues it includes local (Northern MN Builders Assoc.), state Builders Association of Minnesota (BAM) and National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).
  2. STAND OUT FROM THE REST – With over 8,000 licensed builders in the state of MN how do you make your company stand out from the crowd? By joining the Northern Minnesota Builders Association you show your customers that you strive to be the best in the Northern MN Building Industry.
  3. PROFESSIONAL BUILDING INDUSTRY CONTINUING EDUCATION COURSES – Builder education credits for licensing renewal approved by Dept. of Commerce. Monthly continuing education offered Sept. through May of each year. BAM staff has a FT Building Code Specialist.
  4. MARKETING CONTACTS – Your business is marketed for you at the local, state and national level through the use of membership directories, local newspapers, and direct mailings to consumers, and website links.
  5. INSURANCE PROGRAMS – Your business may qualify for special WC insurance rates through The Builders Group, a self-insured group of builder association members, and General Liability Insurance through BAM just for being a member of a local builders association.
  6. PUBLIC/COMMUNITY RELATIONS PROGRAM – The Northern Minnesota Builders Assoc. is involved in the local communities in which you live and work, your affiliation with the NMBA will give you local recognition within your area.
  7. DISCOUNTS – Members receive special rates at ell events and monthly continuing education. There are special advertising opportunities & discounts for NMBA members only. Also, receive special BAM and NAHB discounts.
  8. BUSINESS TOOLS OF THE TRADE – State and National levels are constantly researching new technologies and business statistics that affect your business; by being a member you will be among the first to receive information. You will have help make your company cutting edge. Help is just a phone call or click away (toll free info. and internet sites).
  9. KEEP INFORMED AND UP TO DATE – You will be made aware of local, state & national law making processes and legislation that directly affects the building industry. The building associations are working closely with government officials, we help keep laws, regulations and fees at a reasonable level. With over 18 state government agencies and multiple local government agencies making laws affecting the building industry, how do you stay on top of all the new regulations? By being a Member of the NMBA!
  10. WEBSITE – The Northern Minnesota Builders Association has a website, to promote their members on the world wide web. The NMBA has a link from both state and national affiliate websites, and offer their members free links to their websites.
Where do your annual membership dues go?

$585 Annual Payment

  • $162 stays local at NMBA
  • $225 goes to State Affiliate Builders Association of MN (BAM)
  • $198 goes to National Affiliate National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)

These are just a few of the many benefits of joining the Northern Minnesota Builders Association! The NMBA continues to remain the lowest dues throughout the State of Minnesota.

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