2019 Electrician Technician Continued Education & Expo

Quality Education

The Northern Minnesota Builders Association has been providing building industry continuing education since 1997 in northern Minnesota. The NMBA continues to provide quality education courses to the building industry professional by offering a variety of continuing education course offerings taught by professionals.


The NMBA offers flexibility to your company that provides a variety of dates and course options to meet your individual company needs.


The Northern Minnesota Builders Association is a non-profit membership based organization that has been providing
building trade education since 1997 in northern Minnesota. The NMBA is one of fourteen Home Builders Associations in
Minnesota that was founded in 1993. The NMBA territory covers Itasca County, Koochiching County, part of St. Louis
County to Virginia, Lake of the Woods County and part of Aitkin County to Aitkin. The NMBA mission is to promote
professionalism and to educate, improve and support the building industry in Northern Minnesota. For more information regarding the Northern Minnesota Builders Association check out their website: www.nmbuilders.com.

The Northern MN Builders Association has once again teamed up with Viking Electric Supply to provide your required Continuing Education credits as well as participate in a well established and anticipated Expo!

Talk with manufacturer representatives and check out the latest in the electrical trades tools and products on the market!


NOTE: According to the MN Dept. of Labor & Industry, only Continuing Education Credits obtained within the license period can be accredited to the license renewal. All courses pend approval through the MN Dept of Labor & Industry.

“Understanding the 2017 NEC Code—Part 1 & 2”
8 hours Continuing Ed Credits
Instructor: Scott Nutting

According to the Minnesota Dept. of Labor and Industry, applicants for renewal of the following individual electrical licenses must have earned 16 hours of approved continuing education credit to renew their license:

Class A Master Electrician
Class A Journeyman Electrician
Power Limited Technician
Master Elevator Constructor
Class B Installer
Class B Master Electrician
Class B Journeyman Electrician
Class A Installer
Elevator Constructor
Maintenance Electrician

The licenses identified above cannot be renewed unless the license holder has earned 16 hours of continuing education credit within the license term immediately preceding their license expiration date, or until 16 hours of credit is earned and license renewal fees are paid. Individuals who fail to renew their license by the expiration date are unlicensed until they submit their renewal form and fee, and the license is issued by the Construction Codes and Licensing Divi-sion. Licenses that are not renewed before the expiration date are subject to a late fee equal to one year’s license fee. License anniversary dates (effective dates) do not change based on date of renewal. Licensees who fail to renew their licenses within two years beyond expiration are required to retake an examination to regain licensure in accordance with Minnesota Statute 326.242, Subd. 7. Credits may be used for more than one type of license if earned in the over-lap period of the license terms. Credits totaling more than the minimum 16 hours cannot be carried over into subsequent license terms.

The NMBA suggests you bring the 2017 NEC Code Book to Continuing Education. If you would like to purchase a Code Book, visit your local Viking Electric Supply store.
807 Lily Lane, Grand Rapids, MN
4531 W 1st St, Duluth, MN

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